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About Autobuyersusa.net

At Auto Buyers USA, we don’t sell cars so there will be no push for a sale, fees or gimmicks. you can follow our easy three step process; whether you send in for a free estimated online appraisal, come directly into our auto buying center, or we come to you. 

  1. Free Appraisal
  2. Accept Our Offer
  3. Paid On The Spot

We are trained auto buyers helping you sell your vehicle the fast, easy and safe way. We are here to help you avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle on your own or at a low price to a car dealer. Buying cars is all that we do, which gives us the advantage to pay more for your used vehicle. By using our service, you can sell your vehicle in minutes and receive an immediate payment.

Will You Buy My Car?

Yes! Auto Buyers USA will still buy your non-running vehicle but keep in mind that your value will be based on a non-running condition vehicle. We will even provide the towing.
You can bring the vehicle in on behalf of a family member or friend. However, when it comes to payment, we can only pay the title holder of the vehicle.
At Auto Buyers USA, we understand that this can be a very tough time for you and your family. We are here to help make the process as easy as possible. All you will need is power of attorney paperwork in your name and a death certificate.
Yes you can. We would need a written document from the company’s owner stating they are releasing the vehicle and putting you in charge of the sale.

We will arrange to pay for any outstanding balance on your car loan up to but not exceeding the price we purchase your vehicle for. We will need to obtain a 10 day pay off from your finance company detailing your outstanding loan amount. We will pay off the loan and deduct this amount from the money you are paid for selling your car. Note that payment from us will be received by your finance company within 3 to 4 business days, however it may take your finance company anywhere from 5 to 10 business days before loan is fully satisfied.

Yes. The company is owned by two car enthusiasts that will appreciate the extra work you have put into your vehicle. Please keep in mind that even though your vehicle may be worth more than the average, you will most likely not receive everything you have put into your vehicle back. We still need to be able to price our estimate based on market value for a vehicle in order to make any sort of profit.

What Documentation Is Needed?

You will need to bring:

  1. The vehicle title in your name
  2. Drivers license
  3. Key(s) to the vehicle

Making An Appointment

You can make an appointment through email after filling out the estimate portion of the website or you can call and set up an appointment to ensure that we will be available to assist you right away when you arrive.

Yes you can. Just remember that customers will be helped in the order they arrived in besides previously made appointments.

We are open:

  • Monday through Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm.

At Auto Buyers USA, we will come to your home, business, or meeting place to make it as convenient as we possibly can for you if you are unable to come to the auto buying center. Please keep in mind that we will be doing these trips by appointment only, so please call to make arrangements.

The appraisal process and appointment should take no more than 30 minutes. We value your time and we will try to make the sale as prompt as possible.

We will provide transportation at no cost to you up to a 30 mile radius from the auto buying center through transportation network companies.

Lets Talk Money

We will wire transfer funds directly from our account to yours. This makes the money transactions safe and efficient. If you prefer certified funds, we can provide a certified cashiers check from our bank.

Unfortunately, we cannot deposit funds into anyone’s bank account but the title holder’s.

Lets Talk About The Estimate

Its an easy three step process! Give us your vehicles mileage, year, make, and model. Provide us with your contact information. If you are satisfied with our estimate, please set up an appointment to come to the auto buying center or us to come to you. All estimates are free but subject to change based on in person inspection of the vehicle. Again, the estimate is completely free and you are at no obligation to sell your vehicle after receiving the estimate.

We have been in the car business for many years. We look at your vehicles condition and mileage along with using many other programs to ensure we provide a fair estimate.

All vehicles estimates are subject to change based on an in person inspection.

Lets be honest, vague car information and pictures do not always tell the entire story of the vehicle. As a customer, you do not want to buy a car without seeing it in person and we feel the same way. We want to be as fair as we possibly can with our customers.

No! Our services are all completely free.

At Auto Buyers USA, we pride ourselves in our free services. We would love to help you out, but there are no fees or hard feelings if you choose not to sell your vehicle to us.

Unfortunately no. Market prices change weekly and the vehicles mileage and condition could be different from the initial estimate.

Our Website

The email is used to send you your free estimate and your phone number is used to confirm an appointment or inquire about more details on the vehicle.

We use industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data security technology which ensures that data sent between your computer and the autobuyersusa.net website cannot be read by others while it is being transferred over the internet.

We may experience an influx on estimate inquiries from time to time and it may take us a little longer to respond because we want to provide a fair estimate. If you need a more immediate answer, please feel free to call us directly at (586) 329-1134.

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